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Step by Step Instruction

Fill in your personal details as required (Important ! Please ensure that you are registering with a valid email address. We will contact you via the email )

After click continue you will see below message saying your account was successfully created.

For BUSINESS TYPE if you are shipping to international country please choose international. If shipping local to Malaysia then choose Malaysia.


You may now choose your categories and start choosing your desire products.


Click on the product's name to see more description / option

Choose your prescription , if your vision is 20/20 choose 0.00 power for both eyes.

Once add to cart you can go to your shopping cart.

You may update the quantity if you want or click continue shopping to add some more items. Update if change qty.




For those who chose payment via paypal the page will redirect you to paypal login page for payment.


Any queries please do not hesitate to contact us :) Happy shopping~!

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