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We simply loves to take photo of the real lenses and show it off in our social media platform :) All the ready stock lenses are showcased in its original photo shoots without too much photoshop. Actual photo of the lens are taken by us and significantly the real deal you will receive. We strongly disagree with other shop which only show you the pretty models, but never show the real stuff. You might not get what you expect from seeing just the appearance of a photoshopped model eye or any other people who are wearing it. All model photos are just for reference it may not look the same on everyone eyes depend on their original eyes color.The lens itself is the true deal that you will be using so we are showing what you are getting later on.If you cannot find actual photo uploaded feel free to let us know and we will send you the pic.

Secondly we provide all the best & latest collection from the market & offer at much lower price especially when you buy in bigger qty.Special bulk order price start from as low as 5pairs only ! We offer many type of discount from time to time don't forget to follow us at instagram pinkydollyshopdotcom for latest update & promotion.

Happy Shopping :)

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